Wednesday, September 21, 2016

To the Black Voters in the United States: You and your vote are still being taking for granted.

The Founders of the Black Independent Voter Network are frustrated that African Americans continue to allow their votes to be taken for granted. Now, they are being pressured, bullied and using fear tactics by some of the leaders in the two major parties to vote for them. This is happening big time in interactions with people who are affiliated with the Democratic party.

We hope that you realized by now that when you vote for the "lesser of two evils," this is your result by that choice. It's time to move on and get off the "plantation" of these organizations.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Black People Are "Feeling the Bern"

We are dusting the spider webs off this blog. It's time for us to get out here and support independent minded candidates to run for public office.

We are amazed and glad to that Bernie Sanders, the Vermont Senator who is an Independent, is a candidate for president of the United States. We are glad to see that there are Black people that are supporting his campaign. They have become empowered and now letting the establishment know that they do not own our votes.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Black Independent Voters Facebook group

Black Independent Voters - and PROUD OF IT!!
There is a Black Independent Voters group on Facebook where you can express your views and connect with Independents. This blog does now own or manage the group, however, we encourage you to join it and tell others about it. Check it out at

Saturday, November 20, 2010

We are not 'feeling' the current security procedures by TSA

We like how Ron Paul explains the TSA search problem:

This is humiliating and very tacky for cancer survivors to go through this type of search. We believe that it also violates a person's right to privacy due to their medical condition.

This blog story also notes the security procedures used by the Israeli airline El Al that could be effective here in at US airports.

It's our government wasting tax dollars again that will not be effective in the long run.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

DC Councilmember Marion Barry discusses welfare reform

Marion Barry: White Advocates Want to Continue Enslavement of Blacks
From Washington City Paper

Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry went on the Fox Business Channel today to kick off his tour as the poster child for welfare reform. At about the four minute mark, Barry makes the claim that African Americans are supportive of his proposal to impose a five-year limit on welfare payments while the white advocates who testified Monday against his proposal are basically trying to keep poor people of color "powerless" and "enslaved," albeit "less so" than before.

Why do people keep voting for him? Slavery is a state of mind. It's time for him to retire.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Americans Want A New Party

Video clip: David Collison, the chairman of the Reform Party of the United States, takes a moment to discuss the vitality of a legitimate third party movement.

America is about choices and taking risk. Are you brave enough to vote for the candidate that you represent what YOU believe? Will that candidate make your county, ward, state or country better than what it is now?

Why won't the GOP compete for African American votes?

"In many ways, it's a shame that African Americans will vote overwhelmingly for Democrats. " ~Eugene Robinson, The Washington Post

This article is a prime example of why Black voters will not advance in the US if they only vote...or put their eggs in one basket a.k.a the Democratic party. What major improvements has African Americans experienced lately? Has the number of Blacks in prison decrease nationally? Probably not and that is due to the fact that our political leaders also have their own agenda that they want to accomplish.

Back on the Blog

This blog has been on hiatus for over a year as the members of the the network has been involved in community projects across the country. We have decided to get back into the political arena to be a resource for Blacks who want to participate in the Independent movement. The writers of this blog are moderates (socially liberal, fiscally conservative), however, we want Black independent voters from all political spectrums to share their opinions and provide feedback on what we can do to ensure the political process truly represents the best of America.

We also want to be a resource for other races who want to recurit Black voters in the Independent movement. We understand that cultural and regional challenges are roadblocks to bring people of color in this movemnent. However, communication and the willingess to respect each other are the keys to get the United States of America back on track and continue to be a leader in this world.

We invite you to participate in this blog and be part of history. Please contact us by leaving a comment and someone will contact you on how to move forward.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Criticism of President Obama by Blacks - should we?

The opinion article in USA Today (7/21/2009) focuses on one of the core reasons why this blog exist. The lack of knowledge Black voters have about the "two-party" system structure and how it keeps them from being self-reliant.

Yes, we need to express criticism of President Obama. We also need to hear criticism about who and what we do as a race that is not benefiting the people and that is...and hurt Blacks. We cannot continue to say that 'white folks will not us get ahead' because we are responsible for what happens in our lives.

We need to view him as America's CEO and remember that our tax dollars pay his salary. When he was elected to office, he was chosen based on what he said during the campaign. Now it the time to put the words in to action, but he can only do so much because of Congress. At the same time, if his numbers in the polls continues to decline because Americans do not believe he is not doing his job effectively, he will not serve another term.

The majority that needs to be done requires Blacks to go out and do research on public affairs. The library has plenty of books on American Government and how it works. Only the educated Black voter will have the ability to empower others and see how the two-party system do not benefit Americans. In order for that to happen, the voter must educate people about current affairs in order to see their communities thrive and succeed.