Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Criticism of President Obama by Blacks - should we?

The opinion article in USA Today (7/21/2009) focuses on one of the core reasons why this blog exist. The lack of knowledge Black voters have about the "two-party" system structure and how it keeps them from being self-reliant.

Yes, we need to express criticism of President Obama. We also need to hear criticism about who and what we do as a race that is not benefiting the people and that is...and continues...to hurt Blacks. We cannot continue to say that 'white folks will not us get ahead' because we are responsible for what happens in our lives.

We need to view him as America's CEO and remember that our tax dollars pay his salary. When he was elected to office, he was chosen based on what he said during the campaign. Now it the time to put the words in to action, but he can only do so much because of Congress. At the same time, if his numbers in the polls continues to decline because Americans do not believe he is not doing his job effectively, he will not serve another term.

The majority that needs to be done requires Blacks to go out and do research on public affairs. The library has plenty of books on American Government and how it works. Only the educated Black voter will have the ability to empower others and see how the two-party system do not benefit Americans. In order for that to happen, the voter must educate people about current affairs in order to see their communities thrive and succeed.