Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Turn: Frustrations of a true independent voter

By Frederick Shute
Saturday, August 30, 2008
Publised in The Camp Verde Bugle

What does it mean to be an independent voter?To me it means to be able to vote for the best individuals I feel will represent my system of values and beliefs for the political offices they seek.The political platforms of both the Republican and Democratic parties represent to me the lesser of two evils - and I am not sure which is more degenerate. Both political parties are controlled by the pharmaceutical, petrochemical, banking and military industrial powers that essentially control everything. John McCain and Barack Obama answer to the same masters. Anyone who believes otherwise is a fool.

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Woutlaw said...

Mr. Shute,

You sir are a breath of fresh air. You are absolutely correct, Mr. Obama and Mr. McCain answer to the same master. Neither of them will bring about the real change this country needs. I just wish we had more informed independent voters instead of emotional and racist voters. This year I declared myself an independent voter. Despite critism from family and other blacks, I no longer consider
a vote for the 3rd party a wasted vote.