Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Criticism of President Obama by Blacks - should we?

The opinion article in USA Today (7/21/2009) focuses on one of the core reasons why this blog exist. The lack of knowledge Black voters have about the "two-party" system structure and how it keeps them from being self-reliant.

Yes, we need to express criticism of President Obama. We also need to hear criticism about who and what we do as a race that is not benefiting the people and that is...and continues...to hurt Blacks. We cannot continue to say that 'white folks will not us get ahead' because we are responsible for what happens in our lives.

We need to view him as America's CEO and remember that our tax dollars pay his salary. When he was elected to office, he was chosen based on what he said during the campaign. Now it the time to put the words in to action, but he can only do so much because of Congress. At the same time, if his numbers in the polls continues to decline because Americans do not believe he is not doing his job effectively, he will not serve another term.

The majority that needs to be done requires Blacks to go out and do research on public affairs. The library has plenty of books on American Government and how it works. Only the educated Black voter will have the ability to empower others and see how the two-party system do not benefit Americans. In order for that to happen, the voter must educate people about current affairs in order to see their communities thrive and succeed.


Beyond The Political Spectrum said...

If you want to see blacks criticize President Obama en masse (just because...), you should view the blogosphere among black political conservatives.

Gary Ramsay said...

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Everymans Voice said...

Now, - I have something to say. And I hope a light finally clicks "on" in our collective consciousness. We are not only witnessing history before our eyes, we are witnessing the great American story unfold before our eyes. To see something different is to see hate when we should be seeing promise; feeling fear when we should be living in hope!

Say whatever it is, that is in your heart. - So shall I. This is the greatest American president I have ever seen in well over 50 years of my white middle class American life. Most of those years were spent being a Republican. Not anymore, the Republican mantra has become one of hate and distrust and doom. Who truly wants to live like that? In the words of one very wise Jedi, "Your focus becomes your reality" The Republican focus is one our society at this point in history - needs to abandon.

You see the “average” American does not highly factor into their political calculations (past the point of manipulating us for a vote). You should realize that their campaigns are not highly funded by us (the middle class, and certainly not the lower class). Who then does that leave? There are two actually, the upper class and the super upper class.

The simple truth that most “average Americans” miss is simply this. The wealth of the “super upper class” (the 5% of the population that control 95% of the worlds wealth) was built on the backs of the lower class, the middle class, and in large degree by the upper class. So of course, solving the social and economic ills of the “average American” is not a self benefitting exercise for the super wealthy, if it means upsetting the apple cart that built their wealth.

But if the job situation and the economy improve for average Americans, does that not hurt Republican arguments that the Democratic agenda is hurting the economy? Here is a hint for all of those with short and selective memories. The economy was in tatters and the financial and credit markets were frozen before this president took office. How then, -do we miss the fact that we have changed that financial death spiral into economic growth once again? You don’t suppose that “supper upper class” Republicans are willing to let Americans suffer through more recession just so they can get back into power and help the super wealthy? - Do you?

Consider the words of the “commander and chief” of the Republican mantra (and multi-millionaire) - Rush Limbaugh, “I want Barack Obama to fail”. Is this truly the mindset of Republicans and of those who they wish to elect to office? Do they truly wish that our very American President, our very American story, its agenda of growth, world peace, and prosperity and equal opportunity for all, - to fail? Because why? Is it because - they do not like the color of his skin or the sound of his name?

Consider this, this is the very mindset of the people who have tried to or have succeeded in assassinating the greatest and most historically relevant American presidents and political figures of our time and American history. Then I ask you, how much of Norman Rockwell’s “Great American Story” do you find in that?

I believe Independents, Democrats, free thinkers, futurists, and even moderate and reasonable Republicans have the potential to stand united once again and realize how much power they truly possess at the voting booth. It is the same power that brought this extraordinarily intelligent and gifted Renaissance “everyman” into the Presidential office of the greatest country in the world. –

Our Great America - “can” be given back to the average American “everyman”, but first it must be rescued from the mindset of the not-so average “supper upper class” Republicans. Once the President of the United States has a congress that is not filled with belligerent and obstructionist reincarnations of “WHIGS” who care for nothing but the benefit of the super wealthy, and wish to re-wage the obsolete wars and ideology of the past, America “can” once again become the future promise and hope of “everyman”.